Debs Cook

Debs grew up locally and went to the Chase High School before going to London to train to be a speech and language therapist. She has since lived and worked, as either a therapist or a teacher, in Blackburn, Bristol and later Birmingham where she met her husband Mark.  They came to live in Malvern to be closer to Debs’ family and she became an ‘Early Years’ teacher at St Matthias Primary School for a number of years, with their children attending Dyson Perrins High School.

In addition to spending time with her family, Debs enjoys playing games, telling stories, singing, making things and cooking, so particularly enjoys any opportunities to organise these within family activities!

In Debs’ own words:

I believe that God’s love is for everyone so I’m keen to be part of a church that seeks to value all sections of our community. I think hearing the perspective of children and young people is particularly valuable in challenging us to continue to develop our own faith and to consider our actions.