From The Vicar

Welcome to church in Malvern. We have three churches in the parish – St Matthias, The Church of the Ascension and St Peter’s Cowleigh.  Each church has its own distinct character, history and activities and offers different types of church services – but we’re united by our focus on sharing the love of God with everybody, always.

A lot of people looking for a church ask what sort of church is it?  That’s a slightly tricky question to answer as our parish is made up of a lot of different people, but here’s a list of things we think are important:

Inclusivity – We want to offer worship and activities that are open and accessible to all. We want to provide a space for everyone, regardless of physical ability, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, age, income and any other thing that us humans like to use to divide ourselves up. We are however, perfectly aware that by trying to do this we will inevitably fail repeatedly – but we keep trying.

Multi-sensory – We want to offer worship and activities that engage all your senses, your mind and your soul. We think that we can use lots of different ways to draw closer to the divine – so we use music, visual arts, drama, dance, silence, contemplation, discussion, teaching and so on.

Sacramental – We want to offer church worship and activities which point beyond the ordinary and everyday to something much richer and more beautiful. Our communities are centred around the Eucharist, but we also offer a wide range of other activities. We believe that the visible physical stuff of life points to the invisible and mysterious stuff of God.

This website should contain everything you need to know about who we are and what we do, but the best way is to come along and spend some time with us. We’d love you to become part of what God is doing Malvern Link.


God Bless,

Fr Phillip