Alongside Cafe

Our Alongside Café is open every Monday in term time to provide a space to talk for those who have experienced bereavement or loss in all its shapes and sizes.

 Connecting with others who have walked the same path can be a powerful way of understanding our own situations of loss and bereavement.

 The café is a space to meet people who are walking their own path of loss. It’s a place where you can share sories, feel supportede and give yourself time to listen and think. 

What to expect:

  • Doors Open at 5:30pm
  • A warm drink
  • Sometimes cake
  • A café style layoue
  • Friendly faces
  • Good conversation
  • Come and go as you like
  • Doors close at 7pm

 If you would like to speak to us before coming along you can reach out to us by filling in the contact form below, or call us on 01684 252003

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