Who we are

We are an energetic, outward and forward-looking Church of England congregation.  We use a modern Catholic liturgy based on an inclusive, liberal theology.  The parish is the largest in the Malvern deanery in terms of population, if not of surface area, and continues to grow steadily.

The community we serve

The churches of Malvern Link with Cowleigh have, since their establishment, embraced Catholic styles and traditions of teaching and worship.  Our involvement in the community has never stopped at the church door, and we seek ways to provide pastoral as well as spiritual support to the community at large.

There are currently five schools in the parish and we support them all, either corporately or as individuals, in a variety of ways ranging from school services and assemblies, membership in their governing bodies and voluntary support to extracurricular clubs and activities.

Meet the team

The Reverend Phillip Johnson

Ordained minister in the Church of England, formerly an actor, theatre director, teacher and movement analyst. Specialising in teamwork development and the organisation of space to foster creativity and idea generation. In church work I focus on communication issues and church growth strategies.

Anne Hancox

Joy Black

Mark Cook

Richard Tandy

Eileen Tomlin

Joan Copeland

Mike Hancox

Peter Coombes

Sue Tandy

Debs Cook

Graham Davies

Barbara Johnson